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Lives Changed

At ETO we get so encouraged when we hear how ETO sponsorship has helped to change the lives of the orphan children who came to us with little hope for the future. 

We pray the details of the changed lives below will also encourage you and show the work that God has been doing through ETO.

Introducing:  Makena N Gilugu

The above picture (left hand photo) shows a young Makena N Gilugu when she first came to ETO.  Through ETO Makena was sponsored and received an education.  The right hand photo shows Makena today with her son.  She currently works as an Accountant with a Kenyan bank thus proving the value of her education provided through ETO.

A big thank you to her sponsors A+P McKenna from ROI.  Your sponsorship really did help change her life.  Thank you

Introducing: Muthuuri Kabea

This is Muthuuri Kabea.  The photo above (left hand side) shows Muthuuri when he was 7 years old.  He has 6 brothers and 1 sister.  This father died after falling from a tree collecting honey.  Through ETO Muthuuri was sponsored by T. Kelly and received his education at Karani school.

Muthuuri currently works as a radiographer at Chogoria Hospital.  His life has been changed and he is now helping others through his medical profession.

Introducing:  Livingstone Njeru

The above photo (left hand side) shows Livingstone Njeru at his graduation ceremony with the Senior ETO founder Christopher Gicugu.  The right hand photo shows Livingstone working with ETO children and handing out fresh oranges to the children.  Livingston now works with us as our ETO Kenyan Director.

Introducing: Mukembi Karegi

The above photo (left hand side) shows a young Mukembi Karegi when he came to ETO.  He was sponsored through ETO by W. Taylor.  The photo on the right shows Mukembi today.  He now works as a banker with one of the national banks in Nairobi.

A big thank you to W. Taylor for sponsoring Mukembi and helping to change his life.

Introducing:  Patrick Mwendia

The above photo (left hand side) shows Patrick Mwendia after he came to and was sponsored by ETO.  Patrick now works with us as a Teacher in one of our ETO schools.  He was sponsored by M. Coalter.

 Thank you to M. Coalter for helping give Patrick a brighter future

Introducing:  Mutemi Robert

Mutemi Robert was an ETO sponsored child.  Unfortunately we couldn't find an early photo however he was sponsored by C. Morrison and now works as a Lecturer in South Africa 

Thank you to C. Morrison for sponsoring Mutemi your sponsorship made a real difference in his life.

Introducing: Wilfred Gitonga

The above (left hand photo) shows a young Wilfred Gitonga when he was sponsored by ETO.  He currently works as an accountant with a Children ministry in Meru.  The middle photo shows Wilfred with his wife speaking at an ETO event.  Wifred also works as lay preacher doing Gods work.

Introducing: Mutembei Migwi

Mutembei was an ETO child sponsored by S. Cook (ref no. 68). 

He now works as a banker. 

Introducing: Mutembei Migwi

Muchomba was sponsored through ETO by M. Totten (Ref No 77). 

He currently works as an Administrator with the county government.

Introducing: Gaceri Mutugi

Gaceri was sponsored by Mrs Kearney (ref no 97). 

She now works as the school secretary for Karani secondary school.

Introducing: Njeru Patrick Joseph

Njeru was sponsored by C. Morrison (ref no 82). 

He now works as a nurse.

Introducing: Mugambi M Anderson

Mugambi was sponsored by S Johnson (ref no 117). 

He now works as a church pastor.

Introducing: Kariuki Kamwara

Kariuki was sponsored by K. McShane (ref no 422). 

He is a prison warden with the Kenyan prison services

Introducing: Kinoti Mwanjauga

Kinoti was sponsored by R. Gillen (ref no 46). 

He works as a Senior Accountant with the county government in Tharaka

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