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Educate The Orphans: 'To Look After Orphans And Widows In Their Distress'

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Dear ETO Supporter.

Over the last couple of months ETO has heard some shocking stories about the future that faced some young children after falling into the hands of people traffickers.

As you read some of these stories please pray for these children.  Pray for their continued safety and that God would protect them mentally from the horrific scenes they witnessed.
'Looking after orphans and widows in their distress'; James 1 v27
This young boy (photo below) was locked in a room with 3 other young boys while waiting to be trafficked. A snake somehow managed to get into the room and attacked the boys, killing two of them.  As a result of the snake bite's he had to have a leg amputated. 

He is currently being cared for at our Muguna Anna school.
This girl (photo below) was rescued from early marriage and brought to us at Muguna Anna.  She has a number of health concerns, and the doctors tell us has been suffering from malnutrition.  The malnutrition we are told has caused her legs to bend in towards each other.
This young boy (photo below) is another victim of child trafficking. He was being held in a tiny cramped room with boys a lot bigger than him while they were waiting to be trafficked.  As he was the youngest he was regularly squished up against the wall by the others.

He is also being cared for at Muguna Anna.
What can we do to help these children?
ETO decided we have to respond and has therefore committed to extend our rescue centre to build another 10-bed house.  This house extension will to help us to care and further support these vulnerable young children now and in the future,  

We thank God that he has already started to provide the funds needed for this project.  He really has prepared the way.  (A massive thank you to Bethel Christian Fellowship, Letterkenny for their €10,300 donation).

If you would also like to support this project you can donate online by following the link below.  
Support the extension of ETO's rescue centre
The Kenyan electric company has asked permission to put up a large transformer in our Muguna Anna site.  This will help to stabilise the power supply to the school and the local community

Just this week we were told about a number of cases of Chicken Pox at Muguna Anna school. Doctors have told approx. 8 of our children to isolate.  Please pray for these children and that the cases of Chicken Pox will dissipate.

Livingstone reported that ETO received a donation from the local people of 56 posts and one chain link to help fence the new farm.  He has also been promised some computers by government officers, to be used for the CBC curriculum.
If you would like to find out more about ETO please visit our website:
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