ETO Shamba (Farm)

Shamba Beginnings

Our ETO Farm or Shamba (which is Swahali for garden) started through the desire of Mr T. Koch to help our ETO children.

T. Koch alongside members of Christian Fellowship Churches music teams produced a CD entitled 'Summer Rain' which raised enough money to enable ETO to purchase 6.5 acres of prime land at Muguna-Anna where we now grow food crops and teach our 6th Formers agriculture and horticulture.

Our ongoing thanks to Mr Koch and the other members from CFC music for blessing ETO through this ministry.

ETO Farming Gods Way

As part of this project ETO asked Karl Schmidt from Capetown Vineyard to come to ETO to teach our Farmers how to farm Gods way.

Before Farming Gods Way

Crops withered and sparse

After Farming Gods Way

ETO Farm is blessed with bigger and more bountiful crops

Fruits of the Labour

'You will eat from the work of your hands; you will be happy, and it will go well for you'. Psalm 128:2

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    You can help ETO simply by giving. You can give directly from this website in a couple of clicks.

    Quick Give

    £5 - two hens
    £10 - a water container
    £15 - educational materials
    £25 - 25 Kg of maize or millet
    £30 - help build a new house
    £50 - help buy a cow and a plough

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