Clean Water Project

Before ETO the Tharaka people got their water from seep holes and dirty ponds that were frequently visited by animals. Drinking this contaminated water can brings various diseases and death. ETO therefore decided to build a water treatment plant to bring clean fresh water.

In order to bring fresh water to Tharaka the water would have to travel 40 Kilometres from Mount Kenya. ETO built a water treatment plant approx 26 Kilometres from Mount Kenya. This treatment centre now provides access to clean water for approx 60,000 people.

We also build and provide large storage tanks as well as containers to the people

The Children had never seen a tap before. Bobby teaches them how to get clean water from the tank.

First time Joseph ever tastes clean water from a running tap.


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    You can help ETO simply by giving. You can give directly from this website in a couple of clicks.

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    £5 - two hens
    £10 - a water container
    £15 - educational materials
    £25 - 25 Kg of maize or millet
    £30 - help build a new house
    £50 - help buy a cow and a plough

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