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June / July Update 2021

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Update on Rescue house

The house is almost at the roofing stage (see photos) and by this weekend we hope to be through with the trusses.  The Iron roofing sheets should be delivered today (Saturday 3rd July) for completion of the extern of the house. 

This only leaves the internal plastering and furnishing before opening. We aim to have it open and in use by mid July.
A Big thank you to the donor who donated all the money, enabling this project to take place.
Looking after the Orphans

Back in April we told you about a young girl and her seven brothers and sisters who after seeing the ETO sign on our Landcruiser requested the help of ETO as her mother had died and her father abandoned them.  Although these children don't yet have sponsors ETO is providing shelter, feeding and educating them in Muguna-Anna Boarding School.  
The above picture shows the Head Teacher (left), six of the needy children, and the caretaker (right) from Muguna Anna Boarding School 
ETO Farm at Ruungu

We planted out 3 ares of green gram's (beans) from which we were able to harvest 1100 Kilograms. 

This food was distributed to
  • Mutuguni primary school (300Kg),
  • Kaguma primary school (300 Kgs)
  • and Muguna Anna (400Kgs)
  • with the remaining balance going to the church as a tithe.
Livingstone has planted 1/2 Acre of tomatoes (see photos).  Due to current lack of rain ETO will have to pay fees for the water used for 3 months.  It was agreed to pay this after the sale of the tomatoes.     
Maternity Ward

We are please to inform you that the maternity ward that ETO built is now fully operational.  Woman and their children are attending regularly since we handed it over to the ministry of health as agreed when the project was first discussed.

We are also please to inform you that several of the staff employed are former ETO pupils/children.
Water Treatment Plant

The water treatment plant continues to operate well, bringing clean water to many thousands of Tharaka people, however due to a drop in the water levels in the Tana river (Kenya's main river) we are expecting water rationing to occur soon. 

The local Tharaka people are continuing to pay a small subscription for the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant.
Mama Kagwiria (Vivien) Posho Mills

The Posho Mills are both operating well under the watchful eye of Andrew Mugambi.  

These Mills enable the local women of the area to produce flour from their maize and millet without the need of back breaking grinding with rocks.
Water Tank at ETO Ruungu Farm

We are currently in the process of purchasing a 10,000 Litre water tank for Ruungu Farm to give it a constant supply of fresh water for the crops.  We have already laid the foundations and are confident this will aid us to grow even more crops.
Big Points requiring Pray, Guidance and finance
  • Last month we sent approx £3000 to purchase food for the children.  Unfortunately the cost of food in Kenya has become so costly that a 100Kg bag of Beans now costs 9,900 Kenyan Shillings (£70.00) almost double what we normally paid 2 years ago.   The countries main food 'Maize' now costs 4600 Kenyan Shillings (£33.50) again doubling in price. 
  • As famine and drought are continuing to spread across much of eastern Africa and food prices continue to rise, we have been investigating the possibility of renting or buying land (with constant access to water).  This should enable us to become more self sufficient in growing more food crops to feed the children and having to be less dependant on purchasing expensive food from other countries (namely Uganda and Tanzania).  We are asking for prayer for guidance and support for this worthwhile project.
If you would like to read more about the impact of the famine and lack of rain at the Rift Valley (the breadbasket of Kenya) you can do so here
Poor rains leave maize farmers counting losses, country at risk of starvation
Thank you for taking the time to read our update, please feel free to share this update on your socal media pages to help spread the word of what God is doing through Educate the Orphans.

Also, if you dont already support the work of Educate The Orphans and would like to do so you can donate via the link below.
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Thank you from everyone at Educate the Orphans

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