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ETO Update: April 2022

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Update - April 2022
Happy Easter to all of our ETO Supporters and Sponsors

As we begin to think about and celebrate Easter, we remember the sacrifice, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus and thank God for the 'Good News' message Jesus brought to all those who trust in him.

We also thank him for his continuous blessing and support for the work he has called ETO to do.  It is with this in mind we can bring you some really good news ETO recently received.

The Kenyan government contacted our ETO director, Livingstone at the end of March and offered to give ETO some money to go towards replacing the solar panels and water pump that had been stolen from Kaguma in 2018.  

The total costs for the replacement worked out to be 950,000 KES.  600,000 KES (£4000) of this has now been provided by the Kenyan government.  The remaining balanced of 350,000 KES is being supplied from the local Kenyan people.

The Photos below show the replacement water pump in operation.
The water pump and solar panels will be such a blessing to ETO and the community in which we work helping to provide electricity were none was previously available and pump clean water to those who need it. 
ETO Schools

Our ETO schools are currently off for the Easter Holidays, and we are delighted to report that many of our ETO children have once again excelled in their Kenyan National certificate exams, with above average results.

Muguna-anna, again topping the Tharakan State school league table (Secondary and Boarding) and the other schools also attaining high places in their respective leagues! (Nursery and Primary)
Easter Sunday Service at Kaguma.

Our ETO Church at Kaguma was well attended this Easter Sunday with many of the local people coming to hear Gods word.     

Click on the picture below to see a short video of the service.
Easter Sunday Service at Kaguma
Other News and prayer points.

We were given 10 Bags of food (Maize, Millet, and green grams) from Wilfred Gitonga, one of ETOs ex-pupils to distribute to our schools and those in need, (5 Bags to Muguna-anna, 2 Bags to Kaguma, 2 bags to Mutugunni  and 1 Bag to Tumaini, rescue house for trafficked children!

We were also given a further 5 bags of maize and grams from the grateful guardian of one of our female ex-pupils!
When distributing the food to the schools, using our ETO vehicle (a Toyota Land-cruiser) Livingstone was pulled over for a routine inspection, by the police.  Upon checking the car, they discovered, that the deferential unit was cracked and the oil was spilling out.  Thankfully the helpful officers gave Livingstone a lift to a petrol station to buy oil, so that the much-needed food could be delivered to our school kids!

The cost of fixing the vehicle is over £5500 (it would be worth over £12,000 after repairs) but after serving ETO for over 16 years, it has started to cost more and more to maintain!

As having a well-maintained vehicle is vital to our work, to distribute food and transport sick children to hospital etc, we would urgently request prayers for guidance from God, whether to repair and sell the car, or repair and keep the car, or that God would provide the resources for a replacement car!
We are also pleased to report that both ETO Farms are still producing well, with the results that we were able to share crops of fresh fruit and vegetables with our own children and sixteen other schools in our vicinity.

Our two cows are producing enough milk each day to provide Muguna-anna nursery and primary school kids a cup of milk each day"

Many of our older sixth former pupils are being taught on ETO farms how to grow their own food, "Farming Gods Way."

Please pray that the Long Rains which are late in arrivial, (April / June), would arrive in time to put an end to the persistent drought, that is currently wreaking havoc in East African Countries!!!  

Urgent News Flash - we have just been informed by Livingstone that due to unrest and rioting in certain parts of Kenya by Al-Shabab terriorists particularly close to us, the Keynan Government have decided to keep the schools closed for an extra 10 days to safe guard the children.  Unfortunately this has caused us further problems in trying to get food to all our children.  Livingstone is trying to carry food on a motorcycle to our children in the most remote areas (due to the car issues).

Urgent Prayers requested.  Livingstone has also informed us that a number of children (not ETO children) have already died from starvation and drought. 

Thank you for your prayers and continious support. GOD Bless!

ETO Team
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