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ETO News Update: August 2022

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News Update - August 2022
Dear ETO Supporter.

Livingstone, our ETO director in Kenya has provided us with an recent update on ETO's work, our farms and how inflation is affecting food prices in Kenya.  His report is below for you to read. 

Hope you are fairing on well.  We are OK in Kenya and Tharaka. 

Kindly allow me give a detailed report from the ETO desk in Kenya. 

1.  Money for Fees and Food.  Yes we received 1658391 KSH and this was used appropriately as it was directed.(for School fees and Food Aid)

We had sixteen primary schools and 3 secondary schools at Muguna Anna for prayers and academic guidance. 

2.  ETO farms.  This morning we harvested 17.5 kilograms of kales from ETO farm at Ruungu as you will see down here.  (Photos Below)

I went there very early in the morning to coordinate that, because I needed photos for our reference and the children have eaten ugali plus kales and they were very much blessed.  I also got 2kgs to cook at Kaguuma.
On onions and other crops are fairing on well as you will see down here. 
The larger part of ruungu farm is onions and kales.  On the other farm we have already ploughed and benches are being made for easy onions transplanting.  I have planned to have 8 acres covered by onions.
3. Livestock.  I am pleased to inform you that the 25 chicks that we bought are doing very well and very healthy (Bought to provide fresh eggs for the Children).  On Monday, I bought 25 more chicks and this is what kept me at Kaguuma to see to it that they fully incorporate with others and are now okay. I delivered them on Monday and witnessed by director Kauna, Rev John, Julius, Andrew our secondary headteacher together with the security team at the gate.

One of our daily cows has a serious dislocated joint, however, we called the vet and treated it and its recovering at recovering rate. 
On the very day we meet and discussed some matters regarding the house ceiling. We all went into every room and found the following, that rooms starting your room, dining, your bathroom, and other fives rooms need to be repaired.  We agreed that I look for a qualified wood expert, who will do the work perfectly.  There is one who I have been informed about and I be meeting him tomorrow.  Kindly let me meet him so that he come and survey so as to give us at least 95% sure of the figure of what is expected cost.  I am hoping that by 25th of august, we must be through with the house repair god willing.

We are very much humbled by the food you bought for the children. 
Currently the food prices are souring high even after the government asked maize millers to reduce the prices.  What the millers have done is to hide the products so that they can sell after general election. No maize flour at the supermarkets. The one available is going for 249 KSH per 2kgs packet. 
I have friend in Tanzania  who I have been communicating with in regards to the maize prices there and says that it is going for 5450 KSH per 90kg bag that is maize and 8900 KSH for beans.  He has already left for tz for more maize. 

This is what is currently happening in Tharaka as per today.
Thank you and god bless you abundantly. 
This is Livingstone Njeru Kauna for ETO services.

Livingstone has also provided an update on the number of needy and orphan children ETO continues to support.  This is the current number of children in our ETO schools.
2. MUGUNA AANA = 171
3. KAGUUMA = 167
5. NTUGI. = 276
6. KIPSING. = 97
7. ITUGURURU CHILDREN'S HOME. = 36. (Trafficked children.)
We also completely support a number of ETO children in other government schools. (Fees, uniforms, books, and food)
On 22nd July, we hosted four secondary schools at Muguna Anna, for teaching: horticulture, husbandry, bible teaching, feeding and fellowship. (the approximate total of pupils from these schools is around 2000 children).
We employ 20 teachers and over 20 school ground staff, (watchmen, cooks, farm workers etc) and 5 ETO admin staff.

ETO pastors association has 150/180 associated pastors.
Other schools: St Ann's school for the blind = 1 (Child)
Special needs pupils: who have joined their relatives in Muguna Anna school for feeding etc are 26.

We also have two blind men who come for food at Muguna, and two special need women whom we feed.
At least once or twice a year we have a general food aid distribution for the old, handicapped and destitute people, if we have the money!!!!!
Approximate total of children, staff and needy people ETO help is over 3000 people on average, daily, with many hundreds of other people benefitting from clean water from our water treatment plant! praise god.

Thank you for your support and for helping us feed clothe and educate these in need children and people.

God Bless 
ETO Team
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