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Educate The Orphans: Nov/Dec 2022 Update

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Kris Smyth, officially opens new classroom, built by past pupils of ETO, and Sharon officially opens the “Rea Rescue Center,” for abused young girls and their babies, with Mama Grace the matron of the center!
Grace, Is a destitute mother of 4 boys, who lived in the Rift Valley, in central Kenya. When she heard about ETO, she walked with her sons for many days to seek help. She was not begging, she offered to work for her son’s education. She has proved to be God’s blessing to the Rescue center, being exactly what we need as a caring mother to the 13 young girls.
7 young warriors from the Pokot tribe, from North Eastern Kenya, near the Somalian border, who witnessed their village being attacked and destroyed, again by Islamic Terrorist Group, Al -Shabab.  Many of the menfolk were murdered, the women raped and abducted, along with many children.

ETO Pastor Paul smuggled these young men, who have nothing, no identification papers and no belongings down to our ETO education center at Ruungu, were they have been welcomed in and cared for. They are now working on our ETO farm to earn their keep, and plan to return to the homeland as soon as it is safe to travel, and they have gathered up some belongings and official papers. With ETO’s
help and support!
Terry Koch, entertains Kaguma ETO kids with his new guitar, very generously donated to us by, George Lowden Guitars. Thanks, George for this very generous blessing to ETO Ministries.  
Proposed New projects to pray and provide.

1. Solar driven water pump for Kamathakame school. 

This school educates children in an extremely poor area and the children often go hungry.  We brought 2 bags of Maize to help feed the children

When we arrived the ETO team where told it hadn't rained in that area for 5 years.  A solar driven water pump would help the school grow crops to feed the children by pumping water from the nearby river. 
2. New Solar powered water pump for Ruungu.

Again a new solar powered pump would allow us to pump water to crow crops for our largest school at Muguna-Aana
3. Extension Building to Rescue house, for Trafficked Kids.

Visiting the Trafficked children at the Tumaini children's home was an extremely hard and emotional day as our ETO team heard about these children.  As these children were so young when they were trafficked they dont remember even what region they were from or their mothers or fathers.

The ETO Team brought them bread and fizzy pop as well as some toys. 

This is what we are called to do,

“To look after the widows and orphans” James 1:27

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