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Thanks to the generosity of the Irish people, ETO were able to purchase over 1.1 tons of food to help feed many hundreds of starving old folks in Tharaka Kenya! “ the least of the least” After a Coffee and Bun fundraising morning in C.F.C. , on 15th July, plus generous donations from ETO friends in Donegal.

We raised over £16500, which has been dedicated to feeding the forgotten old people in Kenya! Each person gratefully received 30 kgs of maize, which was literally a life saving exercise!

The Kenyan government sometimes supplies only 2kg per person per month!

But we are not finished yet, we will continue to supply food relief to the Kenyan people. GOD WILLING!

Team Testimonies

I have known Bobby for 6 years now, and have learnt about the 29 years of work that ETO have been doing, how the children are loved, educated and taught about God and how much Jesus loves.

August 2017 I had the chance to go to Kaguma, Kenya with Bobby and the team; nothing can prepare you for the experiences that follow when you arrive there! It all becomes real, were you get out of the boat and put your faith into action. My heart was totally captured by the people of Tharaka, my heart was overwhelmed with love for young and old people alike! I find it difficult to put into words my emotions; but all I had left were tears of love, joy and compassion!

Walking up the dirt road one day, William Stothers and I noticed some ETO kids running up from a dry riverbed, where they collected water for the animals. I just loved their wide eyes their smiles and their laughter, as we funny walked, joked and talked with them, my heart was filled with joy!

We spent 2 fantastic days at Kaguma school, playing games, doing crafts and drama with the children.

The team I went with was incredible also, and I would like to thank them for the amazing love they have for Jesus, and each other, for the unity we shared and for the craic! I have many other stories of love and compassion to tell, but that’s for another time.

Michael Peden

I can imagine each member of the team was touched by particular memories – my first memory was of our time at Muguna-anna School; we had the privilege of being welcomed as VIP guests at their end of term, prize giving ceremony.

A group of dancers and drummers performed as we “mazungus” followed behind, clapping and dancing to the beat of the drums, trying to copy the dance moves of the kids, much to the amusement of the other pupils. The atmosphere was electric, and I could feel the energy buzzing from the dancers as they kicked of their shoes, getting lost in the rhythm of the music, giving us an experience of a lifetime!

We sat as honored guest at the top table, and I distinctly remember thinking, “ I’m no-one special, I should be sitting among the kids.” We each had to say a few words – then the best bit - we were invited to give out the prizes to the kids who had worked so hard throughout the year, such a blessing for us to share in their achievements!

We had the privilege of witnessing the “ fruits” of the labour, effort and faithfulness of God’s people who have invested their lives in the work of ETO.

We saw for ourselves the happy and healthy, sponsored children of ETO; I’ve never seen children enjoy balloons and bubbles so much!   

It was such a joy for us to spend two days playing games with the children at Kaguma School, just watching them laugh and giggle, as they enjoyed their time with us. God has changed their lives, giving them hope and a future- thanks to ETO.

Denise Gill.   


MY FIRST TRIP TO KENYA.                                               

We had arrived at Kaguma, our base for this 3 week  trip to Kenya, from there we visited the ETO kids at Muguna-Anna and Kanthakame, Schools. The welcome was really humbling as the children met us with enthusiastic singing, drumming and dancing; the memories will long remain in my mind! The generosity of the local old people was really overwhelming; as they shared the little food they had with others who had nothing. The church services were so free with genuine worship and praise to God. We also visited the ETO water treatment plant, which provides clean drinking water to thousands of people.

Over 60,000 people get clean water; as  treatment plant comes on line again!

We also visited ETO’s new maternity unit. The Kenyan Government promised they would staff it once ETO finished building it, so just waited on the government to provide the staff promised

But the highlight for me was the time we spent working and playing with the children, to see how much they enjoyed the time we spent with them, The kids really loved our time together.

Yet another highlight was the time we spent with the ETO pastors, at training seminars, were we ended up by anointing them with oil, breaking bread and washing their feet, what a day that was.  Doing just what Jesus did!

William Stothers

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