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ETO recently received a worrying report from our ETO team in Kenya about the very real risk to life from the drought and famine currently facing the people of Kenya.

The risk to life has resulted in the Kenyan Red Cross also launching an appeal for aid for more than one million people in 17 counties afflicted by starvation.
Their Secretary-General Abbas Gullet (pictured above) said many people have died from different causes, famine and drought included. The agency is seeking to assist hunger-stricken residents in Wajir, TANA RIVER, West Pokot, THARAKA NITHI, SAMBURU, Nyeri, Marsabit, Laikipia, Mandera, Lamu, Kitui, Kilifi, Isiolo, Garissa, EMBU, Baringo and TURKANA COUNTIES.

The areas in BOLD CAPS are areas were EDUCATE THE ORPHANS currently work, showing these communities urgently need support .  

One of the area ETO works mentioned is Tharaka.  Over the last two years Tharaka has seen little to no rain which has had a devastating impact and is a real threat to life.  

ETO's Rev Christopher Gicugu reports from Tharaka,
Many people planted but as they did not have rain the seed did not germinate still some people are still waiting for rain. There is a common drought rivers permanent are completely not flowing. There rare few patches in these permanent rivers, many boarding primary and secondary schools closed earlier because no water and food. So the schools which depends on thingithu river as from Mitunguu to Tana river there is no water flowing from Mitunguu to Marimanti river. This river flows as from Mt.Kenya-Nkubu-Mitunguu-Ruungu-Kathita River to Tana river. So from Mitunguu fetching water is none. Raungu very little water in the river people digging wells in the permanent rivers, many bores-holes are completing dried. We Muguna aana we are in the school because we have a little food from the amount you sent. Thank you for the food support.   Water is stinking because we are pumping from stagnant water patches in the river. Church members are not attending service In a good number. So let us pray to that God will have our own for our many orphans in the schools- Kaguma, Muguna aana, MutuguNi, and Kanthakame. Genesis 41:34-36. 

The cereal store has been for seven months feeding E.T.O families this should be more  than 2 millions Ksh. for 1kg of maize is 80 sh. Millets 100ksh. Beans 100ksh. The boarding schools are most affected.

Jeremiah 42:1-4

                              REV CHRISTOPHER GICUGU.
As you can see for Christophers report the impact of the drought and resulting famine is
1.  Crops are destroyed

2.  People forced to dig for dirty water
3.  Even Kids need to work to collect dirty water

4.  Stagnant water is all they have 
People really are dying from famine and drought.  
As a result we are asking for your Help so we can aid our brothers, sisters and the ETO Orphans throughout Tharaka.  

Jesus instructed us all, "The poor you will always have with you" (Matt 26:11).  Through ETO you have a chance to obey his directive when he commanded "You feed them" (Mark 6:37) 

We ask

1.  If you could pray for ETO, the Kenyan people and for the rain to return to the this land so that the rivers, wells and other water sources will be replenished.
2.  If you could assist financially to help us buy food / water supplies to assist the people during this time.  (Donate link below) 
3.  If you could share this post via email or social media so we can reach as many people as possible.  
Donate Here
As always a massive thank you to all those who already diligently give to ETO, through donations or sponsorship. 

The ETO Team
In Christ Jesus.


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